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Heavy Cargo



Max take-off weight: 396 900 kg, 875 000 lbs

Max revenue payload: 113 000 kg, 249 000 lbs


Height 19,40m 63ft 

Overall length 70,70m 232ft 

Cabin Length 56,40m 185ft 

Cabin Width (floor level) 5,90m 19ft

Typical volume capacity

Main deck 610,1m3 21645ft3 

Lower compartment (bellies)130,3m3 4601ft3

Bulk 4,7m3 520ft3

Certified Worldwide Ops: Freedom to fly to any destination

Category: Large Capacity Freight Aircraft

it holds a maximum gross payload of 128.5 metric tonnes (Boeing 747-400F). It has wide fuselage and features a large side door and a nose door for easy flexible airplane loading.

Main Benefits to Our Clients

Scheduled and unscheduled charter

Access to maindeck cargo capacity

Nose-door loading for oversized cargo and priority loading

separate cargo compartments with temperature settings of between 4°C to 29°C

Lower CO2 emissions

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